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Younger Anu will become the biggest vamp in Anupama’s life, will create obstacles in her union with Anuj.

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Younger Anu, Anuj and Anupama.

Anupama’s story is now progressing at a fast pace. Anupama has reached America after a leap of five years. Anuj also lives with his new family in America. Whereas Vanraj and Dimpy are handling the Shah family. Meanwhile, many new faces have entered the show. Many new people have come into Anupama’s life, while a new love has come into Anuj’s life. With this, let us tell you what else is going to be special in the coming year. Will also tell whether Anuj and Anupama will be able to meet again or not.

Anuj will feel Anupama

The restaurant owner will like Anupama’s masala tea at the beginning of the upcoming episode. During this time he will ask him to make more masala. He will also say that this masala tea should be served from now on. Meanwhile little Anu will win the race. Anuj will be happy about this. He will ask to celebrate this occasion with his girlfriend Shruti. Shruti will take this celebration to the same restaurant where Anupama works. Meanwhile, Chhoti will meet her friends and in such a situation Anuj and Shruti will reach the restaurant alone. Only then Anupama will leave to get her new passport made. In such a situation, he will not be able to meet Anuj, but Anuj will feel that Anupama is near him.

Chhoti will meet Anupama

Amidst all this, Anuj and Shruti will order masala tea in the restaurant, which was prepared by Anupama. On the other hand, little Anu will see Anupama walking on the road. He will remember all the old memories. He and Anupama are about to collide when Anupama stops there. On the other hand, Anuj and Shruti will drink tea made by Anupama, after drinking which Anuj will remember Anupama. Meanwhile, Vikram will come and tell that this tea has been prepared by Joshi sister. On the other hand, younger Anu will run away after seeing Anupama. She will go to the restaurant and hug Papa Anuj and say that she is not well and will cry and ask to go home.

Choti will come between Anupama and Anuj

Dimpy will remain upset in Shah house. She will keep getting messages continuously and then Vanraj will ask her about which man she was talking to at night, on which Dimpy will lie to him. As soon as Vanraj leaves, Dimpy will cry bitterly. Younger Anu will become restless, she will close her room and start crying. Anuj will wonder whether this matter is related to Anupama. Further you will see that little Anu and Anupama will meet again. She will taunt Anupama and leave. She will decide not to let Anupama meet Anuj.

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