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Actress Priyanka Chopra had adopted this technique to become a mother at an older age, know about it

Priyanka Chopra Opt Egg Freezing: Becoming a mother is considered a very pleasant feeling for a woman. The responsibility of bringing a little member into the house to complete the family rests on the mother. If we talk about the new era, career-conscious women nowadays prefer to become mothers late. In such a situation, many such techniques have come into science through which women can fulfill their dream of becoming a mother even at an older age. One of these techniques is egg freezing technique. Let us tell you that international star Priyanka Chopra also got egg freezing done to become a mother at an older age and through this technique she was able to become a mother. Let us tell you what egg freezing is and what happens during it.

What is the egg retrieval process?

Egg freezing is a technique in which women freeze their eggs in advance through the retrieval process and after making a career, they are able to become mothers through the same eggs even at an older age. It is actually a medical process. For this, the woman has to take eight to ten injections before the process. After this the process is started by taking anesthesia. In this process, a thin needle is inserted through the vagina and several follicles are taken out. For this, regular ultrasound guidance is used. During this, eggs are retrieved, that is, eggs are taken out from the woman’s body and they are frozen. Even after many years, a woman can become a mother with the help of these eggs.

egg retrieval process

Many women have concerns about egg retrieval because the process is painful and involves a lot of pain. In this regard, health experts say that there is no pain in this process because anesthesia is given. During this period no stitch or surgery is required. However, after the egg retrieval process, the woman is advised to take some special precautions. For example, one has to rest for six to eight weeks after egg retrieval and one should not lift any heavy objects. Running or jumping or aerobics is also not advised during this period. After egg retrieval, the woman should not do any vigorous exercise. It is advised not to engage in sexual activity or use vaginal creams etc. During this period, one should avoid taking stress and focus on rest.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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