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After Corona, the number of deaths among diabetic patients increased, research revealed, children and youth are also becoming victims.

DiAbetes Patient Increased: After the Corona epidemic, another disease is becoming the reason for increasing deaths of patients. Recently a report has come out regarding this disease whose revelations are shocking. Actually, we all saw the orgy of deaths due to Corona, but after Corona, diabetes has now emerged as a disease in which the number of deaths of patients is continuously increasing. One reason for this could also be disruptions related to the Corona epidemic. The most scary thing is that youth and women have been affected the most. These facts have come to light in research published in the science magazine The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology.

Decreasing eyesight of diabetic patients

A study comparing the data of diabetes patients before and during the Corona epidemic was reviewed. In this review, it was found that after the pandemic, the problem of poor eyesight in diabetic patients has increased rapidly. Its worst impact has been on youth and women.

Review of Studies Around the World

A team of researchers including scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO) have reviewed 138 studies from around the world. Of these, 39 studies are related to North America, the same number to Western Europe, 17 studies to Asia and others to South America, Australia and other regions. Through their review, the impact of pandemic-related disruptions on diabetes patients was examined.

This problem increased in children

Researchers found that after the pandemic, cases of diabetes have also increased among children and teenagers. The number of diabetes related patients in pediatric ICUs around the world is shocking. There has been an increase in cases of diabetic ketoacidosis in children and teenagers. DKA is a complication of diabetes in which problems like stomach ache, difficulty in breathing, vomiting can occur.

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