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Along with their choice, these hormones are also responsible for becoming homosexual.

Homosexuality is a behavior in which a person feels attraction and love towards people of his own gender. There are many reasons responsible for this. One of these is hormonal reasons. Some research has shown that prenatal androgen levels, which affect the baby during pregnancy, may lead to homosexual behavior. Additionally, structural differences have been found in certain parts of the brain that are more common in homosexual people.  However, hormonal factors alone do not determine homosexuality. Personal experience, upbringing and socio-cultural factors also play an important role. And society should respect these choices and attitudes.

Why do boys sound like girls 
Some research has shown that abnormally high or low levels of hormones like testosterone in babies at birth may predispose them to developing homosexual behavior. For example, if there is a deficiency of testosterone hormone in a boy after birth, then symptoms like a thin voice, not taking interest in socializing with people, not talking much to boys can be seen. At the same time, due to excess of testosterone hormone in girls, the body looks heavier than girls, hoarseness in voice, changes in facial hair and organs are seen. 

Know the situation in India 
In 2018, the Supreme Court declared Section 377, which criminalizes homosexuality, as unconstitutional, which proved to be a milestone. However, discrimination and problems persist at the social level. Many times gay people are not accepted or made fun of by society and family. We should understand that sexual orientation is a person’s personal matter. Every person’s choice should be respected, regardless of sexual orientation. It is wrong to hate or make fun of gay people. We should be tolerant and inclusive towards each other. This is due to hormones and not any disease. This is not any kind of disease. 

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