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Are you pregnant and have to fast? So keep this in mind, otherwise the problem will last for a long time.

Mahashivratri 2024: Pregnancy is a special time when you need to take special care of your health. During this time, if you are thinking of keeping a fast, then there are some important things which should be kept in mind. Proper nutrition and hydration are very important during fasting, especially when your health is directly important not only for you but also for your baby. Today we will know here what things should be kept in mind while fasting during pregnancy, so that both you and your child remain healthy.

doctor’s advice
Consult your gynecologist or doctor before fasting. They can help you determine whether fasting is safe for you and your baby, based on your current health condition.

nutrition rich diet,
If you are allowed to fast, make sure you eat a nutrition-rich diet. Include foods rich in protein, iron, calcium and vitamins in your diet. Nuts like cashews, almonds, or walnuts are also good snacks that you can eat anytime of the day.

adequate hydration
Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Liquids like coconut water, juice and soup are also good options.

small diets frequently
Do not remain without eating for a long time. If the rules of fasting allow you, keep taking small meals throughout the day.

Caution in physical activities
Avoid excessive physical exertion or exercise during the fast. Light activities such as walking are appropriate, but make sure you know your limits to avoid exhaustion.

Pay attention to the signs
If you feel dizziness, nausea, headache or any other type of discomfort, break the fast immediately and seek medical advice.

psychological preparation
Be mentally prepared and maintain positive thinking. To ensure that the fast is safe for you and your child, proper planning and preparation is important.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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