Home Health Bad smell and changed color of urine are early signs of kidney disease, know the symptoms

Bad smell and changed color of urine are early signs of kidney disease, know the symptoms

Bad smell and changed color of urine are early signs of kidney disease, know the symptoms

Be it kidney or liver, it is the most important organ of our body. Liver works to remove waste from our body, whereas kidney’s work is to separate the waste part from our body and expel it from the body. When any kind of infection or malfunction starts in it, it gives different types of signals to the body. The biggest problem with kidney disease is that until the disease spreads too much, the person does not experience pain or discomfort. However, during the onset and progression of the disease, the kidneys warn you by giving various signals. Kidneys do a lot of work to keep the body running smoothly. Like, purifying the blood and removing toxins from it, regulating blood pressure, producing hormones necessary to ensure that there is no shortage of red blood cells in the body, regulating and filtering urine, and many other important functions. Kidneys do this, which keeps the body healthy. 

Therefore, it is very important to keep the kidneys healthy for a healthy body. Whenever any kind of infection develops in the kidneys, they warn you by giving some special signals. Recognize these 5 signs related to kidney disease and know in time that your kidney needs extra care and your support. Because once the kidney disease worsens or spreads further, then even life becomes at risk. 

Bad breath

Generally, the reason for bad breath is eating raw onion and not drinking water as per the body’s requirement throughout the day. But if you have persistent bad breath, you should definitely consult a doctor. Because bad breath is also a primary sign of kidney disease.

Change in urine color

One of the main functions of the kidney is to filter urine, when infection or any disease is growing in the kidney, it also affects the color of your urine and such changes are seen…

Foaming in urine

Dark yellow color of urine
Urinating more often than usual at night
Frequent urination
The amount of urine significantly decreasing or increasing 

Fatigue occurs due to lack of iron and nutrients in the body and also due to kidney problems. Therefore, to know the reason behind your feeling tired all the time, consult your doctor in time. Because when the kidneys do not function properly, there is a deficiency of red cells in the blood. These cells play a major role in maintaining the oxygen level in the blood. When there is less oxygen in the blood, the body starts feeling tired.

Out of breath

Due to lack of oxygen in the blood, breathing becomes labored. Or feel problem in breathing. It may also feel as if the breaths are coming very short. Such symptoms occur due to lack of red blood cells in the blood. Therefore, this respiratory problem can also be a symptom of kidney disease.

Skin related problems

Extreme itching on the skin, excessive rashes, rashes etc. can also be symptoms of kidney problems. Because the kidney purifies the blood, separates the toxic elements and removes them from the body through urine. But due to this not happening in case of illness or infection, these problems start occurring on the skin. Therefore, if these symptoms appear on the skin, contact the doctor immediately.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.