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Be it winter or summer, your feet always remain like ice, this is a symptom of a serious disease, do it like this.

Cold Feet Causes: Hands and feet often remain cold in winter. At the same time, some people’s hands and feet remain cold in any season. This problem increases during the winter season because the feet remain warm no matter how many socks you wear due to cold weather. Feet remain cold. If your feet also remain as cold as ice, then the reason behind it can be very serious. It is very normal for hands and feet to remain cold in winter. For this you wear thick socks. Bake the feet. But for some people this problem increases more because their feet remain cold no matter what the weather. So this can take the form of a serious problem. If your feet remain cold no matter how many measures you take, then you should find a solution to this problem immediately. Actually, the people who are facing such problems are suffering from diabetes or anemia. The veins in the hands and legs of such people start shrinking. Due to which the blood flow reduces. In such a situation the problem of cold feet starts.

Why do feet become very cold in winter?

The biggest reason behind people whose hands and feet always remain cold is the shrinking of their blood circulation. Due to which the blood flow reduces. Due to which the body temperature starts decreasing. Apart from this, there are some diseases due to which feet and hands always remain cold.

What are the reasons for cold feet?

blood circulation problem

The biggest reason behind cold feet is poor blood circulation. If you sit at one place for a long time, blood circulation starts deteriorating and your feet start getting cold.


When the red blood cells in the body start decreasing, the feet start getting cold. Anemia patient starts suffering from lack of blood in the body. Due to which the feet start getting cold. At the same time, due to deficiency of B12, folate and iron, feet remain cold. Feet also remain cold due to chronic kidney disease.


If your feet remain cold then get your blood sugar level checked once. The sugar level of a diabetic patient goes up and down due to which he has the problem of cold feet.

nerve problem

People who have problem of cold feet. They may have nerve related problems. Nerve related problems can occur due to stress, incident or accident.

too much stress

People who live under a lot of stress also have cold feet due to anxiety.

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