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Beware those who fall asleep while sitting in front of TV! This can cause serious harm to health

TV Disadvantages: There is no harm in watching TV, but sitting in front of TV for a long time is considered dangerous not only for the eyes but also for the brain. A report has revealed that not only sitting in front of TV but also sleeping is harmful for health. Many people fall asleep while watching TV, which has a bad effect on health (TV Disadvantages). According to research, watching TV before sleeping spoils sleep and can also lead to rapid weight gain.

What does the study say?

Describing a research published in the year 2022, researchers at Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago said that more than 550 volunteers aged 63 to 84 years were asked to wear a watch in bed, so that they could monitor ambient light. Can be monitored. Along with this, we can also know what effect it has on health. According to the study, people who slept in little light were found to have a higher risk of diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Research also found that people who slept in less light than TV or smartphone had higher insulin resistance the next morning. This also affected the ability to control blood sugar level.

Effect of TV light on health

TV light at night works to reduce melatonin levels. This disturbs sleep and along with diabetes, the risk of high blood pressure also increases. Due to BP, diabetes and obesity, there is a higher risk of developing heart diseases.

Circadian rhythm can be disturbed by blue light

Due to exposure to artificial blue light, melatonin is suppressed and one cannot sleep even if one wants to. For this reason, lack of sleep causes problems. People who are suffering from insomnia should stay in less light so that they can fall asleep quickly. Poor sleep pattern can cause poor recovery of the body and many problems.

bad effect of screen time on brain

When one falls asleep while watching TV before sleeping, one starts having dreams about it. Some dreams can also be scary and cause restlessness. Due to this, sleep gets disturbed and upon waking up in the morning, the whole mood remains disturbed. Due to this one also feels tired. Apart from this, falling asleep while watching TV also leads to loss of correct posture and the next morning there is stiffness in the shoulders or strain in the muscles.

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