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Can BP become high due to gas formation in the stomach? Know what health experts say

The problem of high BP often occurs due to poor lifestyle and eating habits. High BP does not start in a day but it is the result of many bad lifestyle and eating habits. High blood pressure causes problems like dizziness, lethargy in the body, weakness, blurred vision, chest pain etc. High BP is also called hypertension. When blood pressure increases in the veins, serious problems occur. Due to which gas or gastric problem occurs. Due to all these, the problem of high BP can occur. 

Does BP become high due to formation of gas in the stomach?

There are two types of BP. In one case the BP becomes high and in the other it becomes low. In high BP the blood pressure increases due to which there is a complaint of hypertension. There can be many reasons for increasing blood pressure. High BP can be triggered due to many reasons. It may also be due to worsening of acid balance in the stomach. Due to blood pressure, there may be problem of gas in stomach. 

When is it considered high BP

Is blood pressure low or high? It can be known only by its correct measurement. Systolic and diastolic data are seen to check blood pressure. The normal reading of blood pressure is 120 mmHg and diastolic – 80 mm Hg. If this range falls between systolic – 130 to 139 mm Hg and diastolic – between 80 to 90 mm Hg. So this is considered high BP. 

5 symptoms of high BP

High BP When this happens, there is severe headache. The pressure created due to increase in BP causes tingling sensation in the head. The pace of breathing increases and the heart starts working faster. Due to this, the problem of headache may occur. Shortness of breath: If you feel short of breath while climbing stairs or walking, you should immediately contact a doctor. This problem occurs when the heart does not work well. In such a situation, oxygen supply is disrupted and every work requires hard work.

Bleeding from the nose
Do not ignore bleeding from the nose. This can happen due to high BP. In fact, when blood pressure is high, there is a risk of the thin membranes of the nose bursting. In such a situation, bleeding starts from the nose. One should immediately go to the doctor.

Seizures or tremors can occur due to high BP. This can also happen due to stroke. One should avoid ignoring such problems and consult a doctor.

Chest Pain
Chest pain can be caused by hypertension i.e. high BP. In such a situation, doctor’s help should be taken. Ignoring such symptoms can be fatal. Therefore, one should be careful in time.


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