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Can diabetic patients drink milk, know what experts say

Milk in Diabetes: Diabetes is a disease that requires utmost care of diet. Even a little carelessness in eating can increase the blood sugar level. According to health experts, a healthy diet means less fat and higher fiber count. A diabetic patient should eat only low fat foods. Let us tell you that most of the diabetes patients are confused about whether they should consume dairy products i.e. milk and its products (Milk in Diabetes) or not. Let’s know from experts…

Can diabetic patients drink milk or not?

fat in milk

There is a lot of fat in milk. However, there is no evidence that milk can cause or aggravate diabetes. However, excessive amount of fat can be harmful for diabetes patients and can become a problem for them.

low fat

Should milk be discarded due to excess fat in it? Regarding this, experts say that it is not that diabetic patients should not drink milk. According to the report of Webmd, diabetic patients should drink only fat-free milk. Every person’s body is different, so after drinking milk you should keep monitoring your blood sugar level.

How much milk is right to drink in diabetes?

According to health experts, people whose blood sugar level remains high should not drink more than one glass of milk. According to Diabetes Organization, people who have problem with milk should avoid drinking more than 190 ML i.e. one gram of milk daily. If someone is suffering from lactose intolerance then they should avoid consuming milk related products. Therefore, drink milk only on the advice of the doctor.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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