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Cases of heart attack are increasing at young age, do not consume these things even by mistake

In the last few years, more cases of heart attack are being seen. Besides, young people are also becoming victims of heart attacks. This is happening because nowadays people’s lifestyle is changing along with stress, not eating right food, lack of exercise. We eat many things in our life which we should not eat. Eating this has a direct impact on our health. Let us know what are the things due to which a person can become a victim of heart diseases.


Effect of excessive consumption of flour. It directly affects our health. By eating this the cholesterol level of our body increases. Flour is very harmful for our body. Let us tell you that cholesterol is a type of fat, which gets deposited in the way of blood supply to the body parts. Eating too much flour increases the risk of heart attack.


Eating sugar is also very harmful for our health. Eating too much sugar increases insulin in the body. Due to which blood flow does not occur properly and the risk of attack in diabetes also increases.


Excessive consumption of soda can lead to high blood pressure. Pressure builds up, which can also lead to diabetes. Besides, the risk of heart attack also increases.

Danger of eating salt

Food does not taste good without salt.Salt is added to any food. It works to improve the taste, but consuming too much salt is also not good food. Eating too much salt also causes harm to the body. Consuming too much salt increases blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart failure and heart attack.

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