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Changing color of the skin of feet gives warning of high cholesterol, know its other symptoms

Cholesterol Symptoms: In the new era, lifestyle related diseases are spreading so fast that it is not possible to solve them. Increasing cholesterol level is one of these diseases. High cholesterol causes heart disease, high BP, diabetes and obesity along with many other diseases. In such a situation, health experts have always been emphasizing on efforts to control high cholesterol. There are many signs of high cholesterol in the body, but changes in the skin of the feet are also a sure sign of it. Let us know what kind of signs are seen on the feet when cholesterol level increases in the body.

Feet give signs of high cholesterol like this

  • When the level of cholesterol in the body increases, the color of the skin of the feet starts changing. Health experts say that when bad cholesterol increases in the body, it affects the blood circulation in the body and oxygen does not reach the legs properly. In such a situation, the color of the skin of the feet starts appearing purple or light blue.
  • Pain in legs is a common symptom of increased cholesterol. When cholesterol increases, blood circulation is not sufficient and this causes pain in the legs and sometimes the legs start becoming numb. In such a situation, instead of ignoring these symptoms, one should get checked by a doctor.
  • If your soles are becoming cold in every season and every environment, then it is a sign of increase in cholesterol in the body. This happens in case of high cholesterol. Therefore it would be dangerous to ignore it.
  • If there is a leg injury and it takes a long time to heal, then you should be careful. When blood circulation does not occur properly due to increased cholesterol in the feet, wounds in the feet do not heal quickly. In such a situation, it is necessary to get a medical examination done.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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