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Checking blood sugar with Smartwatch or Smart Ring is dangerous, FDA warns

Blood Sugar Measure Alert: Today diabetes is a rapidly growing disease. In such a situation, most of the people are taking the help of smartwatch or smart ring to check blood sugar level. Sugar level can also be checked and monitored with these devices. If you also do the same, then change your habit immediately, because the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a strict warning regarding this. FDA says that such technology can lead to mistakes in understanding diabetes, which can create many dangers. Let us tell you that the FDA’s warning has come at a time when both Apple and Google are making such devices for diabetes patients, in which the sugar level can be detected without pricking the finger.

Do not use smartwatch-smart ring to check sugar

It has been said by the FDA that if you are also checking your sugar level with a smartwatch or smart ring, then a wrong measurement can increase your problem, because in such a situation you can take the wrong insulin dose or medicines. More or less quantity of it can send you into a state of coma and mental confusion. This can also be fatal. The agency has made it clear that such devices only show data from different glucose monitoring tools. Which may not be correct.

Warning to diabetes patients

The FDA has issued a warning especially cautioning diabetic patients. He says that such devices can give wrong readings. Regarding the claims of Apple and Google, Dr. V Mohan, giving the example of Cygnus’ Glucowatch, said that non-invasive glucose monitors have failed at many levels. For diabetic patients, accuracy is required in testing blood sugar. Failure to do so may increase the danger for them. Wrong readings and taking wrong medicine can lead to hypoglycemia.

How to check blood sugar level

1. Glucose meter should be used for blood sugar level.

2. First of all, wash your hands thoroughly and clean them properly.

3. Now put a test strip in the glucose meter.

4. Use a lancing device to prick a fingertip for a drop of blood.

5. If there is not enough blood, press and then pinch the finger.

6. Now hold the test strip by the corner and wait for a while.

7. Now the blood glucose level will appear on the meter screen.

8. All glucose meters are different. Therefore, always read the user manual along with the device for complete guidelines.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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