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Chilblains: Does your skin itch in winter? These are the serious reasons behind this

Chilblains: Some people often complain of this disease in winter. The suffering of the patient of this disease increases more in winter. Its symptoms are most visible in the hands and feet. In such a situation, the fingers of the hand start turning red or purple. Due to cold, red rashes start appearing on the feet. Not only this, there is severe pain and itching in the fingers. Sometimes this burning sensation increases so much that it is very difficult to control. These are symptoms of chilblains disease. Let us know the symptoms, causes and methods of prevention of this disease.

What is Chilblain’s disease?

In chilblains disease, swelling starts in hands and feet. Due to which swelling and patches start appearing in hands and feet. This problem starts due to exposure to cold air. Chilblains cause swollen, itchy, blue, white and purple patches of skin. Which start getting spoiled in cold weather.

cause of chilblains

Do not remain barefoot during the winter season and reduce the use of cold water.

Reduce the use of small size shoes and wet socks. Due to which the blood circulation of the toes does not work properly.

Keep the body warm in cold.

Take special care of your skin in winter. So that you stay safe from this disease. This disease spreads rapidly in winter. Fingers start becoming swollen and painful.

Not wearing tight-fitting clothes or shoes in winter increases the risk of chilblains.

Symptoms of Chilblains

Itching and rash in hands and feet


swelling in feet and hands

severe pain or prickling in the leg or arm

change in skin color

How can one avoid chilblains disease?

Chilblains heal in 2-3 weeks. If the weather is hot then it will get better soon. You should keep some special things in mind in summer. Avoid cold and wear full clothes. If you keep it covered, it will heal soon.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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