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Childhood habits are increasing the risk of diabetes in children, know when and how to take precautions

World Diabetes Day 2023: Many diseases are spreading due to deteriorating lifestyle. Diabetes is also one of them. It is affecting not only elderly people but also children. According to health experts, bad habits and eating habits play an important role in increasing diabetes. If children’s bad habits are not taken care of in the beginning, diabetes can make them victims when they grow up. World Diabetes Day and Children’s Day are being celebrated on 14 November. In such a situation, let us know about those bad habits of children which can increase the risk of diabetes in them…

1. Love fast food

A research published in PubMed Central states that the consumption of fast food has increased significantly in recent years. Due to which the risk of diabetes and obesity is increasing. There are many parents who pamper their children and feed them fast food and later it becomes their habit. Fast foods have high calories and zero nutrients. In such a situation, both weight and diabetes can increase.

2. Sweet soft drinks

A study examining children aged 9-14 years from 1996-1998 found that consumption of sugary drinks was associated with an increase in BMI. Many studies have found a link between sweet drinks and obesity and diabetes. It is advisable to avoid high calorie sweet drinks.

3. Packaged Snacks

Often parents give snacks to their children instead of feeding them properly. Snack foods include products such as chips, baked goods and candy. Packaged snacking increases a lot of calories and extra fat. This may increase the risk of diabetes.

4. Portion Size

There are many parents who increase the food intake of their children to keep them full. Due to this, the child does not develop the habit of eating healthy food but instead starts snacking on high calorie foods again and again. Due to this energy imbalance their weight may increase. Due to which diabetes can increase.

5.Physical Activity

One of the main causes of diabetes is not being physically active. Nowadays, instead of playing, children spend most of their time on smartphones and TV. Because of this obesity is increasing rapidly. Due to lack of physical activity and eating junk food, sweets, sweet drinks and snacks, the risk of diabetes is increasing manifold.

6. Environmental reasons

Environmental factors are also contributing to a sedentary lifestyle. In recent times, many problems have increased due to being physically active and less active in a safe environment. Earlier children used to go to school on bicycle or on foot, but today the situation is different.

7. Family reasons

Family reasons are also behind the increase in obesity and diabetes. The type of food present in the house and what the family members eat also affects the body. Many studies have found that children with overweight mothers and living with single parents have a higher risk of obesity and diabetes.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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