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Corona has started creating chaos in the New Year party… that’s why this protection is necessary.

New Year Party Precautions: The new variant of Corona JN.1 is spreading rapidly and now many cases of it have been reported in India too, due to which people are very scared that it might be as dangerous as the second wave. Meanwhile, people are also very scared about the New Year party, lest going to the New Year party leads to an explosion of Corona, the way it happened in the year 2019. In such a situation, if you want to go to the New Year party and also want to avoid Corona, then we tell you 6 such things which you should follow.

If you are sick then don’t go to the party

If you are already sick and are planning to go to a New Year party, then you should avoid doing so, because Corona can affect people who are already sick rapidly. In such a situation, you can plan a party at home with some people and maintain social distancing from them too.

Maintain a distance of 1 meter

Even if you are going to have a New Year party in a big social gathering, maintain a physical distance of one meter from any person. Even if he looks healthy, you must follow social distancing.

wear a mask

Wearing a mask at a New Year party may be a little weird, but it can protect you from coronavirus. You can also do a mask theme in the New Year party, so that everyone comes wearing designer masks.

use sanitizer or wash hands

During the party, keep an alcohol-based sanitizer with you or keep cleaning your hands with soap or hand wash.

cover face when coughing or sneezing

If you cough or sneeze during a party or someone else coughs or sneezes in front of you, then keep distance from that person. Cover the nose and mouth with a tissue paper and throw it away after use.

What to do if symptoms appear

If you notice any kind of symptoms in your body after the New Year party, then first of all isolate yourself and take medicines only on the advice of the doctor, do not take any medicine on your own.

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