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Cow or buffalo…whose milk has more calcium? Which is more beneficial for bones

Be it cow milk or buffalo milk, both are healthy and very beneficial for the body. You must have often heard from elders in the house that if you want good sleep then drink buffalo milk at night. However, buffalo milk is considered better for making khoya, curd, kheer, payasam, malai, kulfi and ghee. There is no doubt that milk is most nutritious. If a person is drinking just one glass of milk every day, then his body is getting all the necessary nutrients.

This is the best source of calcium. Which is necessary for strong bones and teeth. Doctors recommend drinking milk daily to stay healthy and fit, but when you have to choose between cow and buffalo milk, which will you choose? Well, there are some good and some bad things in both types of milk. So let’s see if there is any significant difference between the two?

Water is essential for every person and hence if you want to increase the amount of water in your body then start drinking cow’s milk. Cow milk contains 90 percent water and is perfect for hydrating your body.

Fat is responsible for the consistency of milk. Cow’s milk has less fat content than buffalo’s milk. This is the reason why buffalo milk is thicker than cow milk. Cow milk contains 3-4 percent fat, whereas buffalo milk contains 7-8 percent fat. Buffalo milk is heavy for the stomach, hence it takes time to digest and after drinking it one does not feel hungry for a long time.

Buffalo milk has more calories because it contains more protein and fat. One cup of buffalo milk contains 237 calories, while one cup of cow milk contains 148 calories.

Compared to cow’s milk, buffalo milk contains 10-11 percent protein. Due to the high amount of protein, buffalo milk should not be given to small children and old people.

The amount of cholesterol in these two types of milk is also different. Buffalo milk has low cholesterol content, hence it proves to be very good for those who are suffering from PCOD, high blood pressure, kidney problems and obesity.

Which milk has the most calcium?

If you take 250 mg of buffalo milk then the calcium content in it will be 412 mg calcium. It also contains phosphorus, magnesium and chloride. Which is good for health. The fat found in it is very good for the bones.

Calcium content in cow’s milk

If you take one cup of cow’s milk, it contains 305 mg calcium. If you drink this milk daily, bone related diseases are reduced. It is a good source of calcium. Also, protein, vitamin A and vitamin D are found in abundance in this milk.

Both types of milk are considered good for health and both have their own health benefits. So what you want to drink depends on you. You just have to keep in mind that you drink milk daily. If you want a peaceful sleep at night then drink buffalo milk, it will give you good sleep. However, buffalo milk is considered better for making khoya, curd, kheer, payasam, malai, kulfi and ghee.

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