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Diabetes is not alone… after this many diseases start happening in the body.

World Diabetes Day 2023: Diabetes is an incurable disease which is increasing rapidly. Bad lifestyle and eating habits increase the blood sugar level. Which later starts affecting other organs also. This is why diabetes can increase the risk of many diseases. Due to this, many new diseases can arise in the body. Therefore, health experts advise not to be careless about diabetes. Let us know which diseases can occur due to increase in blood sugar level in diabetes…

These diseases can occur due to diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the amount of sugar in the blood increases significantly. When sugar becomes high, heart related diseases like narrowing of arteries, heart attack and stroke can occur. Not only this, due to this it also has a bad effect on the blood vessels of the retina of the eye. Due to which blurred vision or even blindness may occur. Sugar can also have serious effects on the kidneys. Due to this, brain related problems and even Alzheimer’s can occur.

diseases caused by diabetes

high blood pressure

According to health experts, first of all the arteries of people suffering from diabetes become narrow. Due to sugar, their blood starts thickening and the heart is unable to pump that blood. In such a situation, pressure is felt and there is a complaint of high blood pressure.

high cholesterol

The problem of high cholesterol can occur due to diabetes. Since sugar is a metabolic disorder, it affects digestion and fat metabolism. Due to this, problems like high cholesterol can occur.


The arteries become narrow due to thickening of the blood. In such a situation, blood circulation gets completely affected. Due to this, blood pressure becomes high and the risk of stroke may increase. Therefore, focus should be on controlling sugar and lifestyle and eating habits should be improved.

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