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Diwali 2023: Eat food thoughtfully on Diwali, this vegetable containing uric acid will cause a lot of harm.

Diwali 2023: There is a lot of excitement everywhere regarding Diwali festival. Along with decorating the house, people are also thinking about what to make in the recipe. The excitement of Diwali is making people crazy. But in such situations we all make a mistake. Don’t take care of that food. When we are full on Diwali, we all do not lag behind in tasting oily, sweet or any kind of recipe. Due to which health deteriorates after Diwali. Today in this article we will discuss what a uric acid patient should not eat. Because uric acid is a disease which appears small but if it increases then first of all it damages your liver.

This problem starts due to increase in uric acid in the body.

Increase in uric acid in the body clearly means that purines have accumulated around your joints. Due to which pain, stones and swelling increase in the body. When it increases too much, pain starts in the joints. In such a situation, you should try not to eat those things which can increase your uric acid. Increase in purines in the body is a sign of increase in uric acid. When it starts accumulating in excess in the body, it takes the form of stones. The problem of gout occurs due to accumulation of uric acid in the bones.

Uric acid patients should not eat pea vegetable even by mistake.

People whose uric acid is very high should not eat pea vegetable at all. Because the protein extracted from peas increases the level of purine in the body. Due to which uric acid increases in the body. This purine starts accumulating around the bone. Which takes the form of stone.

There are many disadvantages of eating green peas.

Eating peas causes gas problem. Because it affects your metabolism to a great extent. Due to this, problems start happening in your stomach also. Like constipation problem. Swelling in the body and all this occurs due to increase in uric acid.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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