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Do not ignore these symptoms seen in the body, there may be worms in the stomach.

Not only fruits and plants have insects, but humans also have insects in their stomach. In childhood there is definitely a stomach bug at some point or the other. When we grow up, we take care of our own diet, so the problem of stomach worms is minimal. According to the doctor, when worms start appearing in the stomach, they give many signals to the body. Today we will discuss this through this article. 

Such symptoms appear on the body when there are stomach worms. There can be many reasons for this like undercooked food, weak immune system, dirty water, lack of cleanliness. This type of food causes worms in the intestine. These worms can be problems like roundworm, pinworm, fluke and tapeworm.

When there is a stomach worm, many types of symptoms appear on the body. Such as – stomach infection, severe pain, stomach cramps, vomiting, loss of appetite as well as weakness. 

Frequent vomiting like feeling, tongue color white. Visibility, eyes appear red. Appearance of spots and rashes on the body, itching on the skin and bad breath, increased swelling in the body also causes symptoms of stomach worms. 

Too much sweet, stale, sea-food. And eating things containing vinegar and flour causes stomach worms. 

Do this remedy if you have stomach worms

If stomach worms occur In case of worms, eating basil leaves and raw papaya helps in getting rid of the problem of stomach worms. If there is a worm in the stomach, chew basil leaves and eat them or extract its juice and drink it. This will provide a lot of relief from stomach cramps. 

Mix a little honey in half a spoon of milk. Add some raw papaya juice to it. Mix 5-6 spoons of water in it. Then cook it for 5 minutes. Drinking this will provide relief from stomach worms. 

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