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Do these home remedies to protect children from cold in winter, you will get many benefits.

Health Tips For Kids In Winter Season: As winter progresses, the problem of cough and cold increases in children. Especially protecting small children from cold in this season is a task. Many times even medicines do not work and mothers often have this question as to how much medicine to give for cold and cough. It would be better if there is no need for medicines and the children remain safe from cold. Prevention is better than cure. You can try these some home remedies. Consult your doctor before adopting these and do not try them if your child has any specific problem.

Almond is nectar

Almonds work very well for children during cold weather. Soak almonds overnight and in the morning grind them on a stone scale and give them to the child. It provides more benefits than this. In this, two-three rounds of nutmeg can also be grated according to the age of the child. Grated almonds are very beneficial. You can also give it by boiling it in milk with saffron.

Turmeric-Milk Plus Saffron

In winter, you can give turmeric, milk and saffron mixed to children. It keeps the body warm. If turmeric is cooked properly in milk then it is not bitter and children drink it easily. Add some strands of saffron in it and mix jaggery and give it to children. If you do not take turmeric milk then give saffron milk. If you add one spoon of ghee in it, children will get relief from constipation.

magic bundle

Cut about one spoon of celery and three-four cloves of garlic and fry them on the pan. Fry it on low flame and when it cools down a bit, put it in a cotton cloth and make a bundle. Place it in the baby’s blanket or around his arm while he sleeps. This provides relief from cold and helps in cold and stiffness.

Rock salt and mustard oil

Boil pure mustard oil in a pan and fry one spoon celery, one spoon fenugreek, a little asafoetida and a few cloves of garlic in it. Filter this oil and fill it in a bottle. Rub this on the soles of the child and also on the palms of the hands. This protects from cold. Do this before sleeping.

Take rock salt on a scale and add desi ghee to it and rub it until it turns into a fine cream-like paste. Apply it on the child’s chest, it loosens the phlegm.

sunlight is amazing

Make sure children sit in sunlight in winter. This is very good for health. Exposure to sunlight is a natural cure, just make sure that the wind is not very strong at that time. If this happens, do not leave them in the open, the wind will cause more damage.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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