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Do you also drink instant coffee? Know what effect it has on health

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, every person wants everything quickly. Like- instant food-instant coffee, ready to wear clothes. It is a different matter about clothes and other things, but are instant food and coffee beneficial for health? The trend of instant coffee has increased in the market. It contains coffee powder in one sachet. In which milk and sugar are mixed. You just have to mix it in hot water and drink it. People fond of coffee like instant coffee very much. But today we will know whether it is beneficial or not?

Is instant coffee good or bad for health?

It is okay to drink coffee up to a limit. Drinking coffee prevents serious diseases like depression, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Instant coffee contains a lot of sugar. Drinking too much of it can prove to be very dangerous for health.  Instant coffee contains a lot of fat. Due to which weight may increase. And the blood sugar level also starts increasing. People who are allergic to milk should not drink instant coffee at all because it can prove to be very dangerous for health. 

Try this healthy drink instead of coffee

Instead of coffee you can also try herbal tea. Like- peppermint tea or ginger tea. It is very beneficial for health, 

You can drink green tea instead of coffee because it contains plenty of antioxidants. 

In winters, you can also drink turmeric and milk instead of coffee because it helps in keeping the body warm.

You can also drink lemon water in winter because it contains Vitamin C. Which works to boost immunity. 

Coconut water can also be used instead of coffee. Which hydrates the body for a long time. 

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