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Drug addiction is increasing rapidly, know how many people consume drugs in India, the figures will surprise you

Drug Addiction: A large number of youth in India are in the grip of drugs today. This number is continuously increasing, which is a matter of concern. This problem has become serious in some states. However, governments are making every possible effort to end the drug trade. Recently shocking reports of drug war distortion and wordometer have come out. According to which, the business of illegal drugs in the country has increased to more than Rs 30 lakh crore. According to the National Drug Dependent Treatment Report, about 20 percent of the country’s population aged between 10 and 75 are addicted to some kind of drug or the other. There are also a good number of women among them. Nowadays even young children are falling prey to it.

How big is the drug market in India?

The United Nations Office for Drug and Control had released a report. At that time, 300 tonnes of marijuana was supplied throughout the world in a year. Of which about 6 percent was consumed in India alone. In 2017, the supply of ganja increased to 353 tonnes, out of which about 10 percent was supplied in India. According to many statistics, till the year 2017, India’s illegal drug market was worth about Rs 10 lakh crore. According to the Global Drug Report of the year 2020, India is at fourth position in the opium seized worldwide. It is estimated that there is the third largest consignment of morphine here.

What is the law regarding drugs in India?

The rules of NDPS i.e. Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 say that both consumption of drugs and avoiding them are not legally correct in India. According to this rule, special courts should be constituted to hear such cases. Where the culprits found doing so have been given a punishment of at least three years. However, this rule says that the punishment will be decided according to the crime.

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