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Due to lack of blood in the body, symptoms appear in hands and legs, if you want to save your life then do these things first.

According to ‘World Health Organization’ (WHO), the problem of hemoglobin i.e. blood deficiency is a serious problem for the entire world. Which affects millions of people around the world. Whoever is suffering from this disease, if he does not get treatment at the right time, then this disease can be the beginning of a very serious disease. Due to lack of blood in the body, one feels irritability, tiredness, fatigue and weakness all the time. For a healthy body, proteins, vitamins and nutrients are all needed in abundance. When there is lack of blood in the body, the brain starts giving many signals to the body. 

Early symptoms of lack of blood in the body

< p>Due to lack of blood in the body, many symptoms appear in the body. Like tingling in feet and hands. When blood pressure is low then oxygen does not reach the veins of the body properly. In such a situation, tingling starts in the hands and feet. Due to which one starts feeling tired and weak. 
Due to lack of blood one also feels dizzy again and again. When you wake up suddenly, there is darkness in front of your eyes. Early symptoms of anemia. Symptoms of anemia in the body. Due to which hair starts falling. If suddenly there is excessive hair fall then understand that there is lack of blood in the body. In such a situation, first of all get a blood test done.
Due to lack of blood, blisters start appearing in the mouth. Due to which there is difficulty in eating. Pimples start appearing. 
The face starts turning yellow due to lack of blood. If you also feel like this then first of all get a blood test done. 

Avoid this way

If you want to avoid anemia, include fiber, protein and fruits in your diet. Also keep exercising and taking medicine. With this you will get well very soon.

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