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Due to this, bad cholesterol increases in the body, know the solution to control it.

High cholesterol in the body can be a sign of heart attack. The risk of stroke increases as cholesterol increases. Know which are the bad habits which increase bad cholesterol in the body. Know how to control it. Bad cholesterol is a type of fat which increases in the body and also increases many problems. Due to increase in bad cholesterol, diseases like stroke, heart attack, type-2 diabetes also increase. That is why it is often said that bad cholesterol not only causes diseases but also puts life at risk. Bad cholesterol increases in the body due to bad eating habits and lifestyle. Let us know what are the other reasons due to which bad cholesterol increases.

Reasons for increased cholesterol

To maintain proper cholesterol level in the body, you should follow a healthy diet. A little carelessness can cause bad cholesterol. Eating packaged snacks, dairy products and non-veg in large quantities increases bad cholesterol in the body.

less physical activity

People who have less physical activity also start increasing the level of bad cholesterol in their body. Exercising increases the level of good cholesterol in the body.

drinking alcohol

People who drink excessive amounts of alcohol increase bad cholesterol in their body. This causes a lot of damage to the heart.


Obesity is the root of many diseases. If your weight is increasing rapidly then there is a risk of increasing cholesterol. Increasing body mass index by more than 30 can cause many problems to the body. In such a situation, it is very important to control weight.


People who smoke a lot of cigarettes also have an increased risk of increasing bad cholesterol. Besides, the possibility of heart attack also increases.

If you want to reduce cholesterol then follow these tips


Eat garlic every morning or before sleeping at night. This will bring cholesterol under control.

green tea

Drinking green tea daily also provides many benefits. Green tea contains many elements that control weight.

Turmeric milk

Drinking turmeric milk also provides many benefits to the body. High cholesterol can be reduced by this.

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