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Eating ice cream in winter can invite heart attack, why do health experts forbid it?

Be it winter or summer, some people drink a lot of cold water in every season. If you also have the habit of drinking cold water, then be careful. Too cold water is very harmful for health. Know the side-effects of drinking cold water. Even in winter, if you drink cold water, it can prove to be very dangerous for health. In summer, it is normal to drink cold water from the fridge or keep it in a bottle. In winter, normal water feels much colder. For your information, let us tell you that drinking cold water in winter can cause many diseases to develop inside the body. Therefore, it is forbidden to bathe and drink cold water in winter. In winter, some people drink cold water while some people drink ice cream and cold drinks. For such people, we have a suggestion that they should not do this at all because it can increase the risk of heart attack. Today through this article we will learn about the harm caused by drinking cold water.

Why does Ayurveda refuse?

In Ayurveda, cold things are not considered good for health. It is forbidden to eat cold things in winter. Drinking cold water can slow down blood circulation. Its full impact can also be on digestion. Apart from all this, there may be problems of gas, constipation and acidity in the stomach. Vata and phlegm may also occur. In winter, due to all this, cough, cold, pain in the throat and phlegm in the chest can also occur.

Eating too cold water or things in winter has such effect on the stomach.

obesity increases

If you eat too much cold food or drink water in winter, it takes time for the fat stored in the body to melt. Due to which obesity increases rapidly. If you want to reduce obesity then avoid drinking cold water suddenly. You can also use hot water because it melts the fat.

Danger of changing heartbeat

Drinking too cold water in winter can increase heartbeat. This can cause damage to your nervous system. Cold water has a direct effect on the vagus nerve. Due to which there may be changes in heartbeat. The risk of heart attack also increases.

electrolytes deteriorate

Drinking too much cold water spoils the balance of electrolytes in the body. Due to which the body may become victim of dehydration and malnutrition.

laziness and fatigue

People who drink too much cold water, their metabolism slows down. Due to which fatigue, laziness and weakness start occurring. Many times the energy starts going down suddenly.

stomach infection

If there is any kind of infection in the stomach, the digestive system becomes slow. Therefore avoid drinking cold water. Drinking cold water makes the stomach tight. Noises start coming from the stomach. These can be signs of serious diseases.

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