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Eating too often can take a toll on health, increasing the risk of these diseases.

It has been proved in many researches that eating in a hurry has dangerous effects on health. Eating food in haste causes many diseases. That is why it is often said that one should eat food thoroughly. Let us know through this article why one should not eat in a hurry? During modern and hectic lifestyle, people often eat food in haste. Eating quickly can cause many types of harm to the body. In order to rush to office, people eat food in a hurry. But it is very dangerous for health. Actually, people do not realize at all that eating food in a hurry without chewing it causes problems in the stomach. Besides, there is difficulty in digesting food due to which many diseases occur. 

Problem of indigestion

Eating food in haste causes foul smell in the mouth. Saliva does not work properly. Due to which carbs are not digested properly. Eating food too fast leads to indigestion. There is difficulty in digestion. Therefore, one should chew food thoroughly. 

Risk of diabetes

People who eat food in a hurry, their weight increases rapidly. The risk of diabetes also increases due to obesity. Due to which the risk of type-2 diabetes increases. 

Obesity problem

Obesity starts increasing due to eating too fast. If you chew food less then your stomach does not fill properly. In such a situation you feel hungry immediately. Due to which weight starts increasing. It is often said that a bite should be chewed at least 15-32 times. Food can get stuck in the throat several times. Eating food in a hurry causes the food to get stuck in the throat. Due to which food gets stuck in the throat. Therefore, food should be chewed thoroughly. 

Eating food hastily increases the risk of diseases like metabolic syndrome, heart disease, deficiency of good cholesterol and stroke. 


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