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Egg should not be eaten in these diseases, many parts of the body can be damaged.

Many people from India to abroad like to eat eggs in breakfast. Because the amount of protein in eggs is very high. It is considered to be the best source of protein. Eggs can be eaten not only in breakfast but also during lunch and dinner at any time. The biggest specialty of eggs is that the recipe made from it is very easy and quick to prepare. At the same time, it has also been proved in some research that there are some diseases whose patients should not eat eggs even by mistake. 

People with these diseases should not eat eggs

Heart disease

A patient with heart disease should not eat eggs even by mistake. Eating eggs can increase the disease. This may cause problems in blood circulation. This can be extremely dangerous. 


The nature of egg is hot. If a person has an upset stomach then he should not eat eggs, this can increase the problem. 

In constipation

Egg should not be eaten in case of constipation because it can increase digestive problems and discomfort. 


People who suffer from cholesterol should not eat eggs at all. Why eating it can increase even more. 


Diabetes patients should avoid eating eggs. If you like to eat eggs, then definitely consult a doctor once. 

If you want to avoid diseases like cancer, you should eat eggs every day. According to 2003 research by Harvard University, eating eggs reduces the risk of breast cancer in adult women. According to another 2005 study, women who ate up to 6 eggs a week reduced their risk of breast cancer by 44 percent. You can eat eggs in any form, it is not necessary to eat boiled eggs only. If you want to be healthy then eat eggs. The most nutritious substance in eggs is the egg yolk which contains up to 90 percent calcium and iron.


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