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Had he been alive, he would have saved thousands of lives. Why are medical students embracing death? This report will surprise you

Medical Students Suicide Cases: In the last few days, the news of suicide of students doing medicine in newspapers is heart-wrenching. Most of the students studying MBBS live under so much stress and work pressure that they are unable to control themselves and they find it easier to panic and end their lives. In the last five years, there have been frequent cases of suicide of MBBS students and due to this, experts have pondered deeply on the subject as to why this is happening. The data of students committing suicide in the last five years, which was sought under the Right to Information Act, is shocking. Let us know what is there in this data and also know the reasons due to which students studying medicine are being forced to commit suicide.

The death toll will surprise you

Under this RTI, it was asked how many medical students have committed suicide in the last five years. In response to this, the National Medical Commission and the Education Regulatory Authority have jointly collected data on suicides of medical students in the last five years. In this reply it has been said that by the end of 2022, 359 medical students have given up their lives. Of these, 125 are students studying medicine, 105 are resident doctors, and 128 are doctors. In the last five years, 64 MBBS students have sacrificed their lives. Along with this, 55 post graduate students have also committed suicide. It is being said that due to the increasing suicide of students, many parents had filed an RTI and asked what was the reason behind the death of middle students.

Why do medical students commit suicide?

On the basis of this report, senior doctors say that there cannot be any single reason behind the death of the students. Stress, constant work pressure, long shifts of many hours day and night, continuous work without rest, separation from family. Staying away, mental stress, lack of sleep, financial constraints, exam stress, ragging, caste discrimination, gender discrimination are many such reasons which force students to commit suicide.

This is the pressure that takes life.

The biggest reason for this could be that the child is not able to share the tension of passing the exam with others. There is also pressure from the family and in such a situation the student gets troubled due to loneliness. Till a few years ago, ragging used to be a major reason for suicide of students, but after the strictness of the administration, it has been stopped to a great extent. The desire to fulfill dreams and the fear of not being able to fulfill them become the reason for suicide. In such a situation, if proper counseling is not done, the situation gets worse. These children, facing the stress of studying away from their families, are unable to express their plight to anyone and due to this they end their lives.

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