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Head is bursting due to migraine, do not make such mistake, know what to do and what not to do

Migraine: Migraine is an unbearable headache which can sometimes occur in half or sometimes the entire head. If this pain is not treated at the right time, the problem can become serious. Migraine can also be caused by lifestyle, tension or changes in weather. According to health experts, the only way to avoid this pain is to identify it in time and get it treated. Let’s know everything about migraine…

signs of migraine

Some signs start appearing before migraine occurs. Which is called prodrome. It is also called pre-headache. Even a slight pain in the head can be the beginning of a migraine. There are some signs to pay attention to along with mild headache during the prodrome. If there is excessive yawning, excessive urination during this period, there will be a desire to eat sweets. In such a situation, understand that this is the beginning of migraine.

Behavior will change before migraine

Other symptoms of migraine should also be paid attention to. Some people start feeling irritable a few hours before migraine. They become sad. Many times their enthusiasm disappears. Migraines start occurring after some time after these symptoms.

changing sleep patterns

Before migraine, people start feeling tired, their sleep patterns also change. Either they start feeling more sleepy or they do not sleep at all. Such changes in sleep trigger migraine. Sometimes bright light and sound can also trigger migraine.

stomach problem

Sometimes digestion is also affected in migraine. If you are facing problems like constipation or diarrhoea, it can also be the reason for headache. Whenever such symptoms are seen, one should immediately go for treatment.

Ways to avoid migraine

1. Reduce caffeine intake as much as possible. You can use some caffeine in case of migraine.

2. Meditation is very important in providing relief from migraine. This provides relaxation to the mind and body muscles. Meditation should be done for at least 10 minutes every day.

3. Some foods can increase migraine. In such a situation, avoid eating old cheese, some fruits and nuts, alcohol, spicy things and processed foods.

4. Improve sleep to avoid migraine. Sleep only in a quiet and dimly lit place.

5. Stay away from mobile phones or screens half an hour before sleeping.

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