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How dangerous is the pneumonia spreading in China for children? Will its impact be seen in India too?

Pneumonia is a serious infectious disease which greatly affects the health of the lungs. People whose immune system is weak. Be it children, adults or the elderly, they easily fall prey to this disease. This is due to cough, cold, fever and accumulation of mucus in the chest. Now the question arises that if this dangerous pneumonia disease is spreading rapidly in China adjacent to India, will it affect India? On this ‘ABP Live Hindi’ had a special conversation with Dr. Neetu Jain. Who is ‘Senior Consultant Pulmonology Critical Care and Sleep Medicine’ at PSRI Hospital.

When we asked him whether its impact would be visible in India, he clearly said that it would be too early to say because of what is going to happen in the future. What can we say on this? But yes, I would like to say one thing that whether pneumonia occurs in India or China or any other corner of the world, the types of pneumonia will be the same. Now it depends on what is the immunity of those who have got it? Pneumonia can be cured if early treatment is done well.

How many types of pneumonia are there?

community-Acquired pneumonia- Such pneumonia occurs when the person has not gone to the hospital.

bacteria– Pneumonia is caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae. This could be lobar pneumonia that infects the lungs after flu.

atypical pneumonia– Atypical pneumonia is a different type of pneumonia. This can happen to people of all ages. It is caused by Mycoplasma or Chlamydia organisms.

fungal pneumonia– This happens to people with weak immunity.

Viruses like COVID-19– Pneumonia caused by cold and flu. It is seen in children below five years of age.

nosocomial pneumonia-This happens inside hospitals. This includes hospital acquired pneumonia (HAP) and ventilator acquired pneumonia (VAP).

aspiration pneumonia– This vomit, mucus, causes infection in the lungs.

Doctor Neetu Jain tells that pneumonia can be caused by various types of bacteria present in the environment including pollution. If you want to get rid of it, then along with medicines, some home remedies and precautions can also play a major role in reducing this disease. The function of the lungs is to inhale oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. If you are having trouble breathing, then understand that you should immediately consult a doctor. Different people may see different symptoms. Like fever, strong cough, chest pain etc.

Professor Dr. Rahul Pandit who is ‘Reliance Foundation Healthcare Initiative‘ Of ‘Chair Critical Care Reliance Foundation Hospital and Others‘ Are. He clarified that it is completely premature to say that the outbreak of pneumonia is increasing in North China and its effect can spread to India also. However, we have seen pneumonia spreading in many variants. We have to remember that winter has just started in the North Area. We have always seen a rise in the number of cases during winter across the world. When it comes to winter cases, we need to find out what’s causing it? Is there really any real reason behind the increase in numbers or not? It is very common to report only flu cases or pneumonia cases during the winter.

In fact, it is too early to say whether it is mysterious pneumonia or not. We need more information before we can see this and I don’t think there is any objective evidence. Therefore, I do not think that there should be panic or fear on this subject.

People need to understand that it is very common for infectious diseases to occur in different places. Cases of swine flu or influenza or RS are honestly very commonly seen in small communities around the world. So instead of delving into the mystery, we need to be very clear scientifically before panicking about it.

What is China’s mysterious pneumonia?

Pneumonia, which is spreading rapidly in China, is making children its victims the most. Its reason has not been known yet. The way it is spreading rapidly across the country, the crowd in children’s hospitals is increasing. Which has become a challenge for health care. Health officials in China are on alert as the country is seeing a major outbreak of pneumonia in children for which there is no known cause. Reports claim that the mysterious pneumonia is taking a toll on pediatric hospitals across the country, especially in Beijing, Liaoning, with schools and classes even on the verge of being suspended. Not only are all the students ill but the teachers are also infected with pneumonia.

WHO came into action

Taking action, the World Health Organization (WHO) has sought detailed information from Beijing on the spread of a mysterious disease. WHO made an official request for detailed information on “the increase in clusters of respiratory illnesses and pneumonia in children. WHO urged Chinese residents to get vaccinated. Keep distance from sick people. Stay indoors when sick. Wear masks and Regular hand washing is advised to reduce the risk of respiratory disease.

Mysterious pneumonia: symptoms

Symptoms including high fever are mainly seen in children. Pulmonary nodules are developing in some children. So far there has been no indication that the infection is fatal.

A citizen of Beijing told in Beijing Children’s Hospital that many people are admitted in the hospital. They do not cough and have no symptoms. They simply have a high temperature (fever) and many develop lumps in the lungs.

You are no longer allowed to report to school. If you have any symptoms like fever, cold, cough and then you are admitted to the hospital, you can ask for leave…”

According to a staff member at Dalian Central Hospital, “Patients have to wait in line for up to 2 hours, and we are all in the emergency department and there is no normal outpatient clinic.

Mysterious pneumonia: possible cause of outbreak

Some observers speculate that the outbreak may be caused by Mycoplasma pneumoniae, commonly known as “walking pneumonia”. “It is possible that China could see a rise in respiratory infections as other countries saw in their first winter after lockdown.

Also known as ‘Walking Pneumonia’: Walking pneumonia is known as mild pneumonia. In which PT is not confined to bed or hospital, but is mobile and is treated from OPD.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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