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How is the air declared poisonous, how much polluted air can a human being live in?

The level of air pollution in our country is continuously increasing. Which many times we ignore after hearing. Many times we do not pay attention to it, but do you know which diseases can arise in the human body due to polluted air. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), polluted air not only affects our lungs but also has a deep impact on the heart, kidney, liver and digestive system. The blood cells, arteries and veins of the body also do not remain untouched by this polluted air.

The reason for which is that when we breathe polluted air, it reaches our blood through our breath and then through it to the rest of our body. This is the reason why poisonous air also becomes the cause of death of many people.

What is AQI?
First let us understand what AQI is. Actually AQI is a thermometer to measure pollution. Through which the amount of carbon dioxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and pollutants present in the air is checked. Let us tell you that the greater the amount of pollutants in the air, the higher the AQI level. The higher the AQI level, the more dangerous the air will be.

How much harm does poisonous air cause to the body?
An AQI of more than 200 is considered poor and anything above that is considered very poor. However, in many states of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, the AQI level has reached above 400-500. On breathing in this level of AQI, people have to face problems like difficulty in breathing and coughing. Besides, this level of AQI also gives rise to many serious diseases. Besides, this poisonous air can also harm many parts of your body.

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