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How many spoons of sugar should be consumed in a day? Consuming more than this can cause serious harm to the body.

How much sugar a person should consume every day depends entirely on how much physical activity he does every day. Sugar is not beneficial for the body in any way. It does not contain any good nutrients. Eating too much sugar can cause many diseases. You can eat some sugar as per need. But try to avoid it as much as possible. 

Especially in India, most of the people are fond of eating sweets. Be it any festival or function, sweets are definitely prepared. But eating too much sugar can become a problem for you. Eating sweets causes many diseases to develop in the body. Let us know how much sweets a person should eat in a day to stay healthy. Hardly anyone in the world eats as much sweets as people in India do. Sweets are definitely prepared in every function from wedding to birthday party. Not only this, in most homes they eat something sweet after meals. Now a research by The Indian Journal of Community Medicine has found that people in India are addicted to sugar which is at a dangerous level. In India, sugar is used in food items at record levels which is very dangerous. 80 percent of deaths in India every year are due to diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. These diseases are somehow related to sugar. 

How many spoons of sugar should one eat in a day?

You might be wondering how much sweets you can eat in a day to stay healthy. So let us tell you that WHO has advised a person not to eat more than 6 teaspoons of sweets in a day. With this you can stay safe from diseases like obesity and diabetes. Try to include such things in your diet which contain natural sugar. ‚Äč

Diseases caused by eating too much sugar

If you eat too much sugar, you are at risk of getting type 1 diabetes.

By eating too much sugar daily, the pancreas produces more insulin due to which the cells in the body become resistant to insulin. 

 Eating too much sweets causes heart problems. 

Excessive amount of sugar leads to obesity.

Eating too much sweet also causes headache and stress.

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