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How much water should one drink daily to avoid skin dryness in winter?

In winter our skin becomes very dry and rough. The air of winter season is dry which makes the skin lifeless. Due to this, the skin becomes dry every now and then and starts looking cracked. Apart from this, when we come out of a hot room and go into cold air, it has a bad effect on our skin. Due to cold in the winter season, we often start drinking less water. But water is very important for the body and skin. Drinking less water also makes our skin very dry, rough and dry. Wrinkles and cracks start appearing on such dry skin. It starts cracking and peeling. Therefore, let us know how many glasses of water should be drunk in winter according to experts. 

Know how much water you should drink every day
There is a need to take special care of your skin in winter. We should drink adequate amount of water in winter. Drinking water keeps our skin moisturized and it remains healthy, beautiful and glowing.  According to experts It is advisable to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.  Drinking adequate amount of water maintains moisture in the body, due to which the skin can be kept hydrated. Also, in winter, eat green leafy vegetables and  Guava, apple, seasonal fruits etc. should be consumed more. All these keep the skin hydrated. 

Know what happens if you drink less water in winter? 

  • Skin and lips become dry, rough and cracked – In winter we drink less water. Due to lack of water in the body, lips become dry and cracked due to which they crack easily. Deficiency causes the skin to become dry, which can lead to wrinkles, cracks and blisters.
  • You may feel headache and fatigue – Dehydration in the body can cause headache and strain.
  • Stomach related problems – problems like constipation, acidity and indigestion may occur.
  • Weight may increase – Drinking water helps in weight loss, without it weight increases.
  • Immunity becomes weak – the body’s resistance to disease decreases. 

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