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How Sonam Kapoor lost 20 kg of weight even after diabetes, she becomes fit every time she sheds fat

Sonam Kapoor Weight Loss: Whenever any fashion icon is mentioned in the Bollywood industry, the name of Sonam Kapoor is definitely taken in it, who always remains in the headlines due to her fashion sense and stylish look. But the reason for her being in the headlines these days is not her looks but her weight loss. Yes, after becoming a mother in 2022, Sonam Kapoor has surprised everyone by losing 20 kg of weight. She has achieved this weight in 16 months without any crash diet and crazy workout, however Sonam Kapoor is still not happy with it and wants to lose 6 kg more.

How was Sonam able to lose weight despite diabetes?

According to a report, when Sonam Kapoor was 17 years old, she was suffering from Type-1 diabetes. This is an autoimmune disease, which develops in childhood. In this, the pancreas reduces the production of insulin. Due to which the patient’s metabolism and insulin production gets spoiled, due to which Sonam Kapoor used to be very healthy in her childhood. But even before entering the Bollywood industry, he had lost 35 kg. His weight at that time used to be 90-95 kg.

This is how Sonam lost 20 kg weight

Talking about Sonam Kapoor’s weight loss journey, she kept herself in perfect shape by following a balanced diet and doing yoga for two to three hours every day. Apart from this, Sonam definitely includes weight lifting and Pilates in her routine. Sonam also does cardio exercises to increase flexibility, balance and stamina. Apart from this, he also likes swimming and playing squash.

Sonam’s diet plan

Sonam starts her day with hot water, honey and lemon. Along with this, she drinks seasonal fruits, egg white omelette, toast and lukewarm water for breakfast. She eats protein shake before lunch and only chicken, fruits, curd, seasonal vegetables and jowar or bajra roti for lunch. Apart from this, for dinner she takes a grilled piece of chicken for soup and protein. Not only this, Sonam Kapoor maintains complete distance from sugar.

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