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How stopping a sneeze or cough can be dangerous, who is most at risk?

Sneezing: Sneezing is very common after a cold or cough, many people sneeze a lot, due to which they get worried. Although sometimes sneezing occurs even without a cold, often one sneeze is followed immediately by another. In such a situation, many people try to stop themselves from sneezing, but do you know that doing so can be dangerous for your health? Let us tell you how…

People often avoid sneezing
Actually, some people do not want to sneeze loudly in the office or in front of people, that is why they stop their sneeze. This problem had increased even more during the Corona epidemic, when normally when someone sneezed, people started staring at him and kept distance. In such a situation, people thought it best to stop their sneezes.

What happens when you stop sneezing?
Now let’s talk about why stopping sneezing can be dangerous and why doctors advise not to do this every time… Actually, when we cough or sneeze, there is pressure in the body, this puts pressure on the lungs. Is. In such a situation, if someone stops sneezing, this pressure increases 10 times more. In such a situation, pressure on weak parts of the body can cause injuries. This can also affect ears and eyes. This is why stopping a sneeze or cough every time can be dangerous. That’s why if you are sneezing, you can sneeze into a handkerchief or your hand.

Doctors say that the body of a healthy person is ready to bear so much pressure, but the problem can happen to those people whose body is weak. Stopping a sneeze can be dangerous, especially for people who smoke alcohol or cigarettes, as doing so can affect their respiratory tract or lungs.

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