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If acne is appearing on the face due to PCOS, then know how to control it.

PCOS i.e. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome has become a very common problem among girls and women nowadays. This is a problem that occurs due to imbalance of hormones i.e. body chemicals. In PCOS, small boils or lumps are formed in the ovaries of women, which are filled with water. These lumps make the ovaries larger and heavier. Due to these lumps, the ovaries are not able to function properly. 

The function of the ovaries is to produce hormones in women and release them into the blood. But in PCOS these hormones are not produced in the right quantity. Due to this, periods do not come regularly, excess hair starts growing on the body, and obesity may occur. Due to PCOS, many girls and women start getting acne on the face, shoulders and back. These pimples look very bad and can also have a negative impact on self-confidence. 

Gluten Free
Women suffering from PCOS should make some changes in their diet, so that facial acne can be reduced. Foods made from wheat like bread, noodles etc. contain a protein called ‘gluten’. Due to this gluten, many people start having stomach related problems and acne. Therefore, such people should follow ‘gluten free diet’ i.e. avoid things containing gluten.

Control hormones  
To reduce the problem of PCOS like acne, we have to balance the levels of some hormones in our body like testosterone and insulin. Certain types of diets and herbs like Omega 3, Ashwagandha, Vitamin D etc. can help in reducing testosterone. Along with this, insulin levels can also be maintained by daily exercise and balanced diet. If there is a complaint of diabetes or high blood sugar then it is important to control it. 

Drink plenty of water 
Drinking adequate amount of water is very beneficial to get rid of acne caused by PCOS. In PCOS, the pH level of the body deteriorates due to which acne and rashes start appearing on the skin. Water helps in balancing the pH level of the body and also plays an important role in removing dirt and toxins from the body. 

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