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If bleeding occurs only for 2 days during periods, then these could be the reasons.

Bleeding for 3-5 days during periods is considered normal. But some women and girls bleed during periods only for 2 days. For your information, let us tell you that periods give complete information about a woman’s health. If sometimes it happens to a woman that instead of 5 days or 4 days, she bleeds during periods only for 2 days, then there is no problem. But if a woman bleeds only 2 days every month, then it is a matter of concern. In such a situation, you should definitely consult a doctor without wasting time.  But on the basis of some research, through this article we will try to know why this happens?

Reason for bleeding only for 2 days

Even in the initial days of pregnancy, periods last only for 2 days. However, the color of the bleeding that occurs during this period is quite different. It may appear pink to dark brown in color. It is not necessary that this happens with every pregnant woman. 

In case of miscarriage

Bleeding occurs even when a woman has a miscarriage. Is. This type of condition is often seen in relation to pregnant women. In case of miscarriage, the woman complains of stomach pain and cramps. Miscarriage causes pain in the back and pelvic area. Women who breast feed their child after delivery. They also do not have periods for 6 months. Later, after a long time, periods start happening. 

Due to stress

When a woman is going through a lot of stress. Even in such a situation, periods last for 2 days. Mental health does not remain stable due to depression and stress. It has a bad effect on our hormones. 

Birth Control Pill

Women who take birth control pills also have periods for only 2 days. Is. This hormone thins the lining of the uterus. Due to which periods get disturbed. 

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