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If you also eat makhana after frying it in ghee during the fast, then be careful… it may cause stomach disease.

As much as Makhana is beneficial for the body, it is equally harmful. If you eat excessive makhana then quit it from today itself because it can give you many stomach diseases for free. We are saying this because people often eat makhana during fasting and evening snacks. There is no problem for those who know how much quantity to eat, but for those who love makhana and do not watch the quantity while eating, this article is special for those people.

Let us know why it is said that Makhana should not be eaten in large quantities?

Makhana has high amount of fiber. Besides, it is low in sodium, but it is rich in many nutrients like manganese, potassium, magnesium, thiamine, protein and phosphorus. That is why it is said that eating Makhana has as many disadvantages as it has benefits. Especially people who often have stomach problems. Those people whose stomach does not remain clean may face many problems in digesting fiber rich makhana.

if your stomach is weak

You have a lot of difficulty in digesting anything. So you should avoid eating Makhana. This makhana is very heavy for the stomach. Because the stomach needs more and more water to digest the fiber present in makhana. When you eat it, it slowly starts absorbing water from the stomach. In such a situation, eating it in large quantities is not good for the stomach. This may cause you trouble. Apart from this, problems like stomach ache and bloating may also start. Therefore, those who have difficulty in digesting anything should eat less or no Makhana at all.

In case of kidney stone problem

If you suffer from kidney stones then you should not eat makhana. Actually, kidney stones occur due to increase in calcium in the body. In such a situation, if you eat makhana rich in calcium then it can trigger dangerously. Therefore, if you are suffering from kidney stones then avoid eating Makhana.

Do not eat diarrhea even by mistake

Eating makhana during diarrhea can prove to be very dangerous. Makhana is rich in fiber. And fiber can promote diarrhea.

Do not eat Makhana after frying it in ghee.

Eating Makhana fried in ghee is very harmful for people suffering from diabetes and stomach problems. Because ghee contains abundant amount of protein and fiber is found in makhana. In such a situation, digesting it together can be harmful.

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