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If you also feel this way then be careful! Death may occur… shocking revelation in the study

According to JAMA Otolaryngology-Head Neck Surgery research, dizziness is also an early sign of serious illness. There can be many reasons for this. Today we will assess all those reasons through this article. Dizziness is a common complaint and can occur 15 to 36 percent of the time in a person’s lifetime. This is a major complaint among the general population. Dizziness is often associated with an increased risk of falls, disability, and hospitalization. Every year 2.8 million people are admitted to hospital due to dizziness. 

Dizziness can occur due to many reasons?

There can be many reasons for dizziness, it can also be due to serious conditions. Which may include brain tumors and stroke. The reason behind dizziness can be weakness or many diseases. Dizziness can also occur due to serious illness. 

How does it increase the death rate

The present study used a cohort of middle-aged and older United States adults to assess the association between all-cause and cause-specific mortality and dizziness. To date, this association has not been extensively studied in the existing literature. Data on mortality were obtained from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). At an average of 15 years, NHANES is the longest follow-up mortality data that provides insight into the relationship between all-cause and cause-specific mortality, dizziness, and manifestations.

After the age of 40  This problem is more serious.

40 years of age and older who previously answered questions about symptomatic dizziness within the past 12 months were included in the analysis. The data were analyzed between February and August 2023, with the exposure variable being self-reported symptomatic dizziness. Primary outcomes included all-cause and cause-specific mortality, the latter of which included mortality due to diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and unintentional injuries. In the regression analysis, the data were adjusted for demographics and medical history.

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