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If you have not yet given up the habit of smoking cigarettes, then be alert, this serious disease is knocking at your door.

Smoking Side Effects: If you also smoke, then quit it immediately, otherwise you may become a victim of a fatal disease. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is increasing rapidly due to smoking. Its patients are increasing rapidly in many states of the country. These include Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Jammu and Kashmir. The number of patients suffering from this disease in hospitals is continuously increasing. Most of them are above 40 years of age. According to reports, smoking is the cause of 8 out of 10 deaths related to COPD. Let us know about this disease…

What causes COPD?

According to experts, COPD is usually caused by cigarette smoking. However, long-term exposure to other lung irritants, such as secondhand smoke, can also aggravate COPD. Due to COPD, less air reaches the body. Smoking or exposure to smoke in childhood and adolescence can significantly slow down lung development.

Why is COPD dangerous?

According to the doctor, due to COPD, the ability of the airways and small alveoli in the lungs to expand and contract is significantly reduced. The walls of many air sacs may also be destroyed. In such a situation, the walls of the airways become thick and swollen. The airways produce more mucus than normal, which can block airflow.

COPD symptoms

According to the doctor, no symptoms may be seen in the beginning of COPD or mild symptoms may be seen, which may increase as the disease progresses. These may cause problems like cough, breathing problems, wheezing, chest tightness. However, symptoms are not the same in every person. In such a situation, accurate information about COPD can be obtained only after consulting a doctor.

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