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If you want to avoid high BP then avoid these foods, otherwise you will have to pay for it.

High-Sodium Foods: Nowadays, due to disturbances in eating habits, the problem of high BP has increased to a great extent. BP patients are advised to minimize salt intake. There are some foods which contain high amount of sodium (High-Sodium Foods). When these are consumed, blood pressure increases significantly. In such a situation, eating these foods should be avoided. Know here which foods contain more sodium…

Avoid eating such foods

According to health experts, salt is used in any soup. Sometimes the amount of salt becomes excessive. In such a situation, drinking soup can increase the amount of sodium in the body significantly. Increasing sodium level in the body can cause BP problems. Because of this the risk of heart attack and brain stroke increases manifold.

Which foods should not be eaten

According to WHO, more than 5 grams of salt should not be consumed in a day. Since salt contains sodium, which increases blood pressure. According to the doctor, cheese is a good source of calcium and protein, but it also contains a lot of salt. About 350 mg sodium is found in 113 grams of cheese. If you eat dry cheese then the risk is less. On an average, 765 mg of sodium is found in a 140 gram piece of pizza, the consumption of which can be dangerous for the body.

avoid eating dried meat

Dried meat is rich in protein but a large amount of salt is added to preserve it and enhance the taste. A 28-gram serving of beef jerky contains 620 milligrams of sodium. Regular consumption of dried meat increases the level of sodium in the body. Therefore one should avoid eating it.

eat pickles sparingly

Salt is used extensively in many types of pickles. Eating just one pickle can provide 30 to 40 milligrams of sodium in the body. Due to this there is a risk of high blood pressure. Therefore, such foods should be eaten minimally or not at all. People suffering from the problem of high BP should stay away from it.

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