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If your face remains swollen after waking up, this is a sign of a dangerous disease.

Face Swelling: If there is swelling on your face then be careful, because this can be the first sign of serious diseases. If your face swells early in the morning, you should consult a doctor without any delay. This will reveal the true cause and help in avoiding it. Swelling on the face is a very common problem but there can be many dangerous reasons behind it. The reason for facial swelling after waking up in the morning can be some injury or internal disease. If it is not taken care of on time, it can weaken the immune system. The face can also swell due to neck or throat problems. In such a situation, let us know some such measures which can be done at home to reduce facial swelling.

cause of swelling on face


The face may swell due to lack of good sleep. The reason for this could be fluid retention. When lying down, the fluid rests and accumulates around the face. Sometimes this can also happen due to wrong sleeping position.

wrong eating habits

There are some things which can be eaten before sleeping, which can make the face look puffy. These may include fast food like burger-pizza, processed meat and chips. Since these foods contain high amounts of sodium, water gets accumulated in the body and the face can swell.

due to drinking alcohol

In May 2013, a study on Pubmed reported that drinking alcohol can cause dehydration. Due to this one has to urinate frequently. For this reason, if you drink alcohol at night, fluid starts accumulating around the face during sleep.


Hypothyroidism is a problem in which the face of patients becomes swollen after waking up in the morning. This happens due to insufficient production of hormones. Therefore a doctor should be consulted.

Swelling on the face means danger of these diseases

allergic conjunctivitis




drug allergy




Home remedies to reduce facial swelling

washing mouth with cold water

placing a coffee or tea bag on the face

massage with jade roller

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