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India becomes the second country in Asia with the highest number of cancer cases, know who is at number one?

Cancer Cases In India: Cancer is such a deadly disease that causes thousands of deaths every day around the world. Talking about cancer affected patients, its cases are increasing rapidly in India. Let us tell you that if we talk about Asia, after China, India comes as the second country which has the highest number of cancer patients. The report of The Lancet Southeast Asia magazine states that 12 lakh new cases of cancer were seen in India in the year 2019. In the same year, 9.3 lakh patients died due to cancer.

India is at second place in terms of cancer

Talking about Asia, there were 94 lakh new cases of cancer in Asia in the year 2019. This year there is a record of death of 56 lakh people due to cancer in Asia. In this list, the highest number of cancer patients (48 lakh) were seen in China and there were 27 lakh deaths due to cancer in China. Let us tell you that during the study in 49 countries of Asia between 1990 and 2019, temporal patterns of 29 types of cancer were observed. A thorough investigation was conducted. These reports and figures have come to light in this investigation. Japan is also named in this list, where in 2019 there were 9 lakh new cancer patients and 4.4 lakh deaths due to cancer.

What is the reason for increasing cases of cancer?

According to health experts, gutkha, pan masala and tobacco have been attributed to the increasing cases of cancer and increase in deaths in Asian countries. Along with lack of awareness about cancer, increasing consumption of tobacco in South Asian countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh has been said to be a cause of cancer. In India, 28 percent cases of mouth and lip cancer occurred in 2019. Fifty percent of oral cancer cases were due to tobacco consumption.

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