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Indoor pollution is more dangerous than outside, 32 lakh lives taken away

Indoor pollution is very dangerous. According to the report, approximately 13 lakh deaths occur every year in India due to harmful chemicals used in indoor cooking. This indoor cooking smoke can cause 10 times more harm than outdoor pollution. These chemical smoke can cause many types of lung diseases due to impaired functioning of the lungs. Health may deteriorate due to this condition. In Indian homes, the quality of air from cooking stoves deteriorates. According to ‘Heart Care Foundation of India’ (HCFI), people spend more than 90 percent of their lives indoors. More than 50 percent people go to their offices and work. Smoke produced in the house causes many related diseases. 

Cleaning products have many side effects

Many side effects of smoke caused by household pollution are seen on the body, including cleaning products, organics, dust, allergens, infection agents, fragrances, tobacco smoke, high temperature and humidity. There are no formal standards for indoor air quality in India. In such a situation, health is affected due to indoor air pollution.

Indoor pollution causes irritation in eyes, nose and throat, headache, dizziness and fatigue. Moreover, it can cause heart disease and cancer in the long term. If a person smokes in the house, avoid doing it so that poisonous gas does not increase inside the house. If poisonous gas leaks inside the house, the quality of air inside the house deteriorates.  The gas that comes out when we use machines like refrigerators and ovens is also very harmful for health. 


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