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Is Ajinomoto really sweet poison? Know how harmful it is for health

In modern lifestyle, people eat a lot of junk food. Ajinmoto is used in these packages and junk food. This Ajinomoto is a kind of salt. It works to enhance the taste of food. Ajinomoto salt is also called ‘monosodium glutamate’. It is of white crystal colour. Amino acids are found in large quantities in Ajinomoto. Ajinomoto was discovered in 1909 by Japanese scientist Kikunao Akeda. It is also known as Umami Taste. Ajinomoto is also known as the essence of taste.

What kind of food is Ajinomoto used for?

Ajinomoto is used in most of the Chinese food like noodles, fried rice and Manchurian food. Ajinomoto is used in junk food like pizza, burger and Maggi spices. Besides, it is used in sausages like tomato sauce, soya sauce. It is also used in packaged foods like chips.

Affects the nervous system

Ajinomoto found in Chinese food affects your nervous system. This affects the nerves and increases the risk of brain damage. The glutamic acid found in it works like a neurotransmitter in the brain. If there is too much of it in the body, it causes damage to the brain.

weight starts increasing

We all know that junk food makes us obese. As weight increases, the risk of many diseases in the body increases. In such a situation, some people get into the habit of eating chow mein and momos. The reason for this is Ajinomoto found in Chinese food, which works to increase your appetite.

Ajinomoto is dangerous for pregnant women

Pregnant women are advised not to eat Chinese food. The main reason for this is Ajinomoto. Ajinomoto has high sodium content and sodium intake should be reduced during pregnancy. Eating too much causes bloating and discomfort. It also affects the child’s mind.

high blood pressure problem

Ajinomoto found in Chinese food gives you the problem of blood pressure. If you are already a BP patient then you should not eat things using Ajinomoto. Due to this the problem of blood pressure can become more serious.

lack of sleep and migraine disease

If you have problems related to sleep and migraine, then Ajinomoto can also be a major reason for it. Eating Ajinomoto food prevents sleep and creates excitement in the brain. Eating too much of it also causes headache problems. Eating Ajinomoto food makes one feel tired throughout the day.

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