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Is bathing with hot water beneficial or harmful? Know the right answer from health experts

Hot Water Bath : As soon as winter arrives, most people like to take bath with hot water. If you also do this then be careful, because bathing with hot water saves you from cold but its many side effects (Hot Water Bath Side Effects) can cause big problems. This can also have many serious consequences. Today we are telling you what are the disadvantages of bathing with hot water in winter…

Fertility will be affected

Bathing with hot water in winter can affect fertility. It is considered dangerous for reproduction. According to experts, bathing in hot water for more than 30 minutes affects fertility. Therefore, if you take bath with hot water, do not do so for a long time.

skin damage

Bathing with hot water in winter can cause great harm to the skin. Bathing with hot water reduces the moisture of the skin and problems like acne and itching start occurring. This also reduces the glow of the skin. Therefore, bathing with hot water should be avoided.

Lethargy prevails throughout the day

If you are bathing with hot water every day during cold days, then your body may feel lethargic. After bathing with hot water, the body goes into relaxed mode and sleep starts. Due to this, there seems to be lack of energy during the day.

harmful for hair

Bathing with hot water can also damage hair. After bathing with hot water, the moisture of the hair reduces. Due to this the hair starts becoming dry and rough. Continuous use of hot water can also increase dryness in the scalp. Due to this, problem of dandruff and hair fall may occur.

eyes may become weak

Bathing with hot water in winter can also harm the eyes. Due to bathing with hot water, the moisture in the eyes starts decreasing. Due to this, the eyes become red and the problem of itching starts. The eyes also start watering again and again. This can cause wrinkles on the skin around the eyes.

harmful for nails

Bathing with hot water every day can damage the nails. Hot water softens the nails, due to which they start breaking. Hot water also removes the natural oil from the nails, which causes dryness and weakness.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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