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Is daily walking making no difference to your weight? Know where the mistake is happening

Winter Bath: If someone is asked to take a bath in winter, the whole body shivers and there are some people who skip bathing in winter. At the same time, many people take bath with very hot water, in such a situation, let us tell you today for how many days you can skip bathing in winter and if you do not take bath every day then what problems can happen in your body.

After how many days should one take a bath in the cold?

According to an American research, excessive bathing can harm the body’s defense system, due to which the ability to fight germs and viruses reduces. Not only this, bathing every day in winter also damages the nails, the ability to digest food and separate nutrients along with vitamins from it is also affected. Therefore, you can avoid bathing every day during the winter season, but for how many days can you not bathe? So in this regard, experts say that we must take bath 2 to 3 times a week. You can skip bathing on alternate days, but by not bathing for several days continuously, germs start growing in the body.

Disadvantages of not bathing for a long time

If you skip bathing for two or three days continuously in winter, then your body starts smelling. Not only this, problems like infection, fungus, dandruff can also increase rapidly. During winter, you should also clean your head thoroughly every 2 to 3 days, otherwise the scalp becomes dry and dandruff starts increasing in it.

How to bathe with cold or hot water in winter?

Now it comes to how you should take bath in winter, then during winter you should not take bath with too hot water, because at that time you will feel good, but bathing with too hot water makes the skin dry and harms the body. Natural oils start getting exhausted. This removes good bacteria from the body, which support our immune system. In such a situation, one should neither take bath with very hot nor very cold water in winter, you can take bath with luke warm i.e. lukewarm water.

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