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Is there a need for a fourth dose of vaccine amid increasing cases of Corona, know – in the words of an expert

These days, the new variant of Corona, JN.1, has become a matter of concern for the country. This is because Christmas and New Year are back to back, hence there is festive excitement among the people, while the news of increasing cases of Corona is creating concern. In view of the new variants of Corona, the government has asked every sample of Corona to be sent to the center lab. Considering the situation in the country, a big update from the government. It has been told whether in view of the increasing cases of corona, is there a need for a fourth dose of corona vaccine? Also, when can the fourth dose be taken? Serum Institute has started working on a new vaccine to fight this new variant of Omicron.

New variant of Corona found in these countries before India

Corona cases always start increasing in winter. This is a sub variant of Omicron. Earlier, cases of this variant were seen in Singapore. Apart from this, cases of new variants of Corona were seen in 40 countries of the world including China and America. According to the World Health Organization, it has been described as a dangerous variant of Corona and has been given the tag of ‘variant of interest’.

Fourth dose of vaccine

According to NK Arora, Chief of India SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium (INSACOG), variants can become a cause of concern for any country. The way cases are increasing due to new variants, it would not be wrong to say that there is not much need for a fourth or booster dose of the vaccine. Only if people above 60 years of age are having breathing problems then they need to take special care. Because people after the age of 60 need to take special precautions against Corona. At present the common people do not need the fourth dose. They need to take special care.

Symptoms of JN.1 variant

However, people suffering from other diseases, the elderly, the obese and those who have not been vaccinated should be more careful as the number of cases is increasing due to the JN.1 variant. He said that, according to current data, JN.1 does not appear to be more serious or dangerous than other known variants. Vaccination remains an important protection, as vaccines have proven effective against serious infections caused by different strains of the virus.

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