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Keep these things in mind while eating almonds, otherwise your health will be ruined, things will get worse!

Dry Fruits: To work throughout the day, it is very important to keep the body active and strong. In such a situation, the body needs protein, fiber and energy in the morning. This is the reason why people eat dry fruits on an empty stomach. Due to which fatigue and weakness of the body goes away. Some dry fruits help in improving overall health by strengthening the bones. However, one should not eat any dry fruits in the morning. Often people like to take some dry fruits along with almonds, which can cause serious harm to their health. Therefore, know here which dry fruits can be dangerous to eat with soaked almonds on an empty stomach and why…


Eating dates can increase the blood sugar level. This is considered risky for diabetic patients. Therefore, it is advisable to eat dates along with protein and healthy fats so that the sugar dissolves slowly and does not cause harm to the body.

dried figs

There is no harm in dried figs in improving stomach health by eliminating constipation, but due to excessive fiber and sugar in it, it can cause problems like stomach ache and high blood pressure. Therefore one should avoid eating it on an empty stomach.


Raisins are such a dry fruit that eating them on an empty stomach or with other dry fruits can cause harm to health. According to the report of Times of India, it not only contains nutrition but also contains a lot of natural sugar. Consuming it on an empty stomach can increase blood sugar level. This sudden spike can increase the problems of diabetic patients.

dried plum

Dried plum is considered very beneficial in relieving constipation. It contains laxative, which is considered good for the stomach, but if this dry fruit is eaten on an empty stomach, it may cause diarrhea. Natural sugar is also found in it, which can increase blood sugar.


Apricot, a storehouse of natural sugar, can spoil digestion if eaten on an empty stomach. This can also cause stomach ache and acidity problems. This dry fruit should always be taken with protein foods or cereals.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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